How Sinus Congestion and Sinusitis Can Cause Dizziness

How Sinus Congestion and Sinusitis Can Cause Dizziness

You have what feels like yet another cold. Not only does your nose feel stuffy, but you also have trouble maintaining your balance. Why? You can blame this unpleasant sensation on congestion and sinusitis.

How Sinus Congestion and Sinusitis Can Cause Dizziness

Can Sinuses Cause Dizziness?

Can congestion cause dizziness? Absolutely! Many people are surprised to learn about the connection between the sinuses and their feelings of being off-balance. However, the body is susceptible as well as interconnected. Therefore, you might experience problems in another location when something goes wrong in one area. That's certainly the case with sinus infection dizzy feelings.

For instance, let's say you have a condition known as chronic sinusitis. As a result, you get a lot of sinus infections that creep up and never seem to go away for long. Chronic sinusitis affects millions of other people nationally and can be annoying and painful. It can even make you feel it's hard to keep your balance when standing.

What's the reason behind this phenomenon? As the sinuses fill up, they put pressure on adjacent facial structures. This includes your ears. And since the ears are some of the "balance centers" of the body, they can't perform well if they're experiencing external forces. The result is that you end up with sinus vertigo.

Are There Other Symptoms That Can Accompany Congestion and Sinus Dizziness?

A feeling of imbalance or dizziness isn't the only way sinusitis can manifest itself physically. Some other symptoms of congestion and sinus infections include:

  • Nausea. When your body can't balance, you may become nauseated. Sometimes, people with very severe sinusitis and dizziness vomit.
  • Headaches. Again, the pressures caused by inflamed sinuses can cause your head to throb. You may feel the headache anywhere on your head, not just along the front of your face or in your temples.
  • Toothaches. Sinusitis can cause the teeth in your upper jaw (directly below the sinus cavities) to ache.
  • Tenderness. If your sinuses are filled with fluid, the skin over them may become tender and swollen.

Together, these side effects can lead to frustration and debilitation. That's why finding relief is essential.

How Do Doctors Treat Chronic Sinus Congestion and Sinusitis?

Though it's unnecessary to visit a doctor if you have mild dizziness that goes away quickly after a minor cold, you'll want to check your condition if you constantly have sinus-related issues. After all, you could have a combination of conditions and not realize it.

For instance, dizziness can accompany other conditions, including Meniere's disease and Benign Positional Vertigo (BPV). Consequently, going to a doctor who focuses on the ear, nose, and throat can be an excellent first step in finding out all the underlying causes of your dizziness and imbalance.

What solutions can a doctor offer to help you ward off your dizzy spells related to sinusitis and congestion? Doctors may suggest that you take medications or make lifestyle changes. An excellent example of this would be to recommend that you stop smoking if you currently use tobacco products. Smoking and chronic sinusitis are frequently found together. Other solutions might be to wear a mask more often in social situations or limit exposure to specific allergens like plants, animal dander, and dust.

Occasionally, people require surgical interventions to help minimize sinusitis events and symptoms. For them, surgery can allow them to lead a more comfortable life free from dizzy spells. Case in point: Some patients can achieve freedom from sinusitis by undergoing surgery to correct a deviated septum. This kind of surgery is safe and highly effective thanks to its predictability.

Moving Past Your Chronic Sinus Frustrations

What should you do if you have many sinus problems and dizziness? First, know that you always have choices. You don't have just to accept that you'll "always" feel uncomfortable when your sinuses start to become a problem.

Next, talk to one of our doctors at ENT of Georgia South. We have the experience and knowledge to identify what's causing your sinus and balance concerns. We look forward to giving you our insights and creating a customized treatment plan to provide you with the relief you deserve.

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