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If you suspect that you may be suffering from hearing issues or have a known hearing loss, check out the expert team of audiologists at ENT of Georgia South. With four audiologists supported by a team of double-board certified physicians ready to see you, you'll quickly experience the expert level of care they provide for all patients. With on-site audiological testing, medical management; as well as, personalized hearing aid consultation, fitting, and care, ENT of Georgia South's audiology team is ready to help you hear better than you knew you could!

Breathe Well and Live Better

Do you suffer from sinus issues?
Stop suffering and hear from a few patients seeing the expert, double-board certified physicians at ENT of Georgia South Dr. Howard Herman, Dr. Dozier Hood, Dr. Young An, and Dr. Paul Free are an experienced group of doctors who will put an end to any of your ear, nose, or throat-related issues. In this video, you'll hear from their patients about how these physicians approach treating their patients, and why you should choose ENT of Georgia South for any of your ENT-related issues.

Get Your Best Night's Sleep

If you, or worse your spouse, suffer from snoring, it could be impacting your health more than you think. Snoring can be a form of sleep apnea and chronic sleep apnea can cause major health implications over time. In this video, see why the expert double-board certified physicians at ENT of Georgia South are different when it comes to treating sleep apnea and helping their patients get back to a good night's sleep! Offering a variety of treatment options, in addition to the ability to perform a sleep study in the comfort of your own home, ENT of Georgia South stays with their patients every step of the way to breathing well and living better!

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