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Pillar Procedure

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How does the

Pillar Procedure work?

The Pillar Procedure can be performed for snoring or mild sleep apnea in approximately 20 minutes during one short visit to ENT of Georgia South.

During the Pillar Procedure, five tiny polyester implants are placed into the soft palate through a small delivery tool without incisions or stitches. Over the next few weeks and months, the implants, together with the body’s natural fibrotic response, stiffen and add structural support to the soft palate. This structural support and stiffening reduce the tissue vibrations that can cause snoring and the palatal tissue collapse that can obstruct the upper airway and cause obstructive sleep apnea.

Because tissue is not removed, discomfort is minimal. Some patients use an over-the-counter pain reliever after the procedure and most are able to resume normal activities and diet the same day of receiving this snoring treatment.

What are

Pillar Implants?

Each tiny, highly engineered and precisely woven Pillar implant is approximately 18 mm (0.7 inches) in length and has an outer diameter of approximately 2 mm (0.08 inches). The implants are woven from a polyester material that has been used for more than 50 years in implantable medical products. Each Pillar implant is preloaded into a specially designed, single use, sterile delivery tool. The Pillar Procedure does not require the removal of any soft palate tissue and you should not be able to see or feel the implants in your soft palate.

What Results Can I Expect from

The Pillar Procedure?

Some patients report a noticeable improvement within weeks, but it usually takes up to three months to realize the full benefit of the Pillar Procedure. If your soft palate is contributing to your snoring or obstructive sleep apnea, the Pillar Procedure may be a good option for you.

Clinical Studies of the

Pillar Procedure have shown that:

  • Patients experienced a significant decrease in snoring intensity
  • Bed partner satisfaction with the reduction in snoring after the Pillar Procedure has been documented at 80% or higher
  • Approximately 80% of patients demonstrated a reduction in their AHI (measure of the severity of sleep apnea), and results were sustained at one year after the Pillar Procedure
  • Patients experienced less daytime sleepiness and significant improvements in lifestyle after the Pillar Procedure

Only a qualified physician trained in the Pillar Procedure can determine if it’s the right procedure to help you. Fill out our schedule appointment form to book your evaluation today.

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