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Hearing Loss Assessment

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Hearing Loss Assessment

With about 48 million Americans having lost some form of hearing, hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the U.S. affecting quality of life, relationships and productivity.  At ENT of Georgia South, patients can expect a thorough evaluation from one of our four doctors of audiology to determine if all three structures of the ear are working properly, if any hearing loss has occurred and if any medical intervention is necessary.  After your comprehensive hearing assessment and medical examination, your physician or audiologist will conduct an extensive evaluation of your communication needs and provide a demonstration of available technologies to improve your hearing.

Function of the

Normal Ear

Sound is carried from the eardrum to the inner ear and hearing nerve by a chain of three small bones called ossicles. The third bone in this chain is shaped like a stirrup and is called the stapes (stay-peas). The stapes transmits the sound to the inner ear and hearing nerve. The hearing nerve carries the sound to the brain where it is interpreted as speech. 

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COVID-19 Update

The doctors and staff at ENT of Georgia South are working hard to continue to provide excellent care while keeping our patients safe.

We have measures in place to simplify check in and have patients fill our paper work in the exam room or even in their own vehicle to reduce the number of patients in our waiting rooms. You can even fill at home online before your appointment.

We maintain diligent disinfectant techniques, and screen patients in advance showing signs and symptoms of viral illness that require they not be seen in the office. We also screen our employees daily although no one has developed Covid-19.
Ultimately if you don't feel comfortable coming in to our office, we are offering virtual appointments using video from your mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Please call our office and be assured we are committed to help you any way we can.