Sinus infection brings discomfort to around 37 million Americans and although some medications offer certain degrees of relief, there are still those requiring more procedures for sinusitis symptoms relief.

Medical experts in ENT of Georgia South are the most experienced in performing balloon sinusplasty in the greater part of Georgia. While nose jobs are referred to as angioplasty, balloon sinusplasty is the most advanced procedure in brining relief to people having chronic sinusitis. 


Who Needs a Georgia Balloon Sinusplasty?

Patients with early diagnosed sinus problems can benefit from Balloon Sinusplasty. Some with chronic, long- lasting sinus problems, can get relief from the procedure, although not everyone. ENT of Georgia South physicians will help you determine whether a balloon sinusplasty is fit for you or not. Usually, patients experiencing the following symptoms can benefit from the procedure: 

• Recurring sinus infection that don’t respond to medication

• Headaches around the eyes

• Bad breath and chronic foul taste in the mouth

• Breathing difficulty through the nose

• Chronic nasal problems


How is Balloon Sinusplasty Performed?

Sinusplasty is often performed as an outpatient procedure. To start, the patient will be given general anesthesia. Then, a guide wire catheter with a tiny balloon is inserted through the nostril to gain access to the blocked sinus passageway, where the balloon is inflated. This will gently open and widen the sinus passageway. After that, the balloon is deflated and withdraw, which leaves an open sinus passageway, allowing and restoring normal sinus drainage and function.


Benefits of Georgia Balloon Sinusplasty

Apart from optimum sinusitis relief, a Georgia balloon sinusplasty procedure offer the following advantages: 

• No incision is required to perform the procedure.

• Less pain

• Lower risk of infection

• Lesser to no blood loss

• No bruising and swelling 

• Fast, as patients can return to normal lifestyle faster than an open sinus surgery


Get Excellent Balloon Sinusplasty from ENT of Georgia South

If you want to get excellent and reliable balloon sinusplasty in Georgia, ENT of Georgia South is the place to go. We have the right background in doing the procedure and assures you of optimum benefits. Schedule your consultation today to see if Georgia balloon sinusplasty is right for you.  

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