Functional endoscopic sinus surgery in Atlanta is performed to help people with chronic sinus infection. It differs from the traditional endoscopic sinus surgery in the sense that it emphasizes the need for a thorough diagnostic test to identify the underlying cause of the condition. 

The principle behind this procedure is the notion that if the underlying cause of the condition is determined and treated, the patient will gain the best possible treatment that will normalize his or her life for the rest of the years. 

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery in Atlanta is generally a less extensive procedure with lesser tissue removal external incisions are not required. This is often performed as an outpatient procedure. It is similar to traditional type of sinus surgery but with better visualization through the use of endoscopes.

Before the Surgery

To prepare a patient for surgery, the Atlanta ENT doctor may prescribe preoperative medications like antibiotics and/or oral steroids. A patient is also advised to avoid taking some medications that can cause thinning of the blood which may lead to excessive bleeding during the surgery. Smoking cessation for smoking patients, at least 3 weeks before the surgery is also needed. 

During the preoperative stage, the patient’s full medical history will be gathered. And he or she will be walked through the whole process with the doctor to explain the procedure, as well the risks involved. 

During the Surgery

Generally, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, allowing the patient to be asleep for the rest of the procedure. Local anesthesia may also be an option and should be discussed with the surgeon prior to the operation. After the surgery, the patient is taken to a ward for a 1-2 hour recovery period. 

After the Surgery

Mild bleeding can be expected after a day or two from the surgery. General fatigue feeling may last for a week or two. The patient may also experience which is natural and can be treated with pain medications. Regular visits to the Atlanta ENT doctor is needed to monitor the healing progress of your sinuses. These visits may be scheduled 3 times in a 6-week period, and will be spaced out a few months after that. The length of visits will depend on the healing status of the sinuses.

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