Deviated septum surgery performed by professionals using advanced medical technology by experts at ENT of Georgia South.

A deviated septum is a medical condition characterized by the significant crookedness or off centeredness of the nasal septum—the bone and cartilage that divide the nasal cavity of the nose in half, which causes breathing difficulty. Imbalance in the size of breathing passages is common to many people. In fact, an estimated 80% of the population, most unknowingly, have some sort of nasal septum misalignment. However, only those with very significant imbalances who experience breathing problems that require a deviated septum surgery. 

Aside from breathing difficulties, a person with deviated septum may also experience: 

• Chronic sinusitis

• Nasal Blockage

• Nasal Obstruction


What is a Deviated Septum Surgery?

Deviated septum is generally initially treated with medication. In case the medication doesn’t work, a deviated septum surgery or commonly called as septoplasty (also known as submucous resection or septal reconstruction) is performed. 

Before the surgery is performed, the doctor inserts a thin, lighted instrument (endoscope) into the nasal passages to determine the shape of the septum. There are also cases where endoscopy is done during the surgery. A 60- 90 minute long local or general anesthesia is then given to the patient. The surgery is done by working through the nostrils, making an incision to separate the mucosa from the underlying bone and cartilage. The bent cartilage is then trimmed or straightened, and then the mucosa over the bone and the cartilage is replaced. 


Trusted Deviated Septum Surgery from ENT of Georgia South

Our doctors and medical professionals in ENT of Georgia South know and understand the importance of breathing relief from deviated septum. Our surgeons are well-experienced in detecting and treating various deviated septum cases through the years. This extensive experience, combined with modern facilities and equipment and high standard of patient care make ENT of Georgia South the best option for deviated septum surgery.

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