5 Signs You Have a Thyroid Imbalance

A thyroid imbalance may be a hinderance to your daily life, but what if you don't realize you have it? That's why we're bringing you 5 signs to recognize now.

Thyroid conditions and disease plague many people each year, but they often go undetected. 

In fact, roughly 60 percent of those with a thyroid imbalance don't know that they have it. People often feel the symptoms of a thyroid condition without realizing the root cause. 

Here are some symptoms you should be aware of if you think you might have a thyroid problem. 

Fluctuations in Weight

Extreme weight loss and weight gain are common in those with thyroid issues.

As the thyroid regulates your metabolism, an overactive or underactive thyroid can cause serious weight complications. If you find it difficult to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight in any way, your thyroid could be at fault. 

Mood Swings

A thyroid condition can also cause mood swings. You may sometimes feel depressed or anxious with seemingly no cause. 

Along these lines, another reported symptom is brain fog. You may have difficulty performing basic cognitive functions and your brain may feel very tired, even if your body is not. 

Neck Swelling

The thyroid gland is housed in your neck area. If the area is swollen at all, it is often a sure sign of an enlarged or overactive thyroid. 

Your thyroid may not be producing the right amount of hormones, causing it to balloon in size. 

In some cases, swelling in the neck area can be linked to tumors in the thyroid or lymph nodes. 

These are not always cancerous. But if you are experiencing this symptom, you should see a doctor as soon as possible, just to make sure. 

Hair Loss

Occasionally, a thyroid imbalance can result in hair loss. You should make sure that you do not confuse this with normal hair loss that comes with age. 

If you are losing your hair because of a thyroid issue, it will be relatively sudden and unexpected. 

Luckily, this can be reversed with the right treatment. With any sudden hair loss, you should go see your doctor. They can give you the medication you need to get your hair back.


This is perhaps the most commonly cited symptom of a thyroid imbalance.

People often report feeling inexplicably tired, especially during the day. 

This can deeply affect their productivity at work and their happiness at home. 

Caffeine, exercise, rest, or staying hydrated can help you in the short-term, but chronic fatigue is a symptom connected to a thyroid problem that doesn't go away easily. 

If there is seemingly no answer for your chronic fatigue, you may be dealing with a thyroid issue. 

Thyroid Imbalance Signs: Conclusion

These symptoms on their own do not necessarily indicate a definite thyroid condition. 

It is also important to note that these symptoms may not be permanent, and with proper care and medication, your life can get back to normal again. 

But if you are suffering from all of these symptoms at once, it is worth consulting a physician who can give you more information about what could be ailing you. 

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